Mini CD-RW Rewritable

8 cm re-writable CD-RW are the optimum choice when compact size is the main target and the volume of the recording information does not exceed 210 MB. Mini CD-RW can be used for storage and carrying presentations, audio files (up to 3 hours MP3 format, and about 20 minutes WAV format), documents, files and more. Digitex MaxDrive Mini CD-RWs guarantee compatibility with all currently available CD-ROM drives, recorders, and players, supporting the format and speed. They Provide a high level of protection from ultraviolet light and accidental damage, and can be stored for long periods in appropriate conditions.

Compact disc rewritable
Capacity 210 MB
Velocity 4x-12x
Total Compatibility Orange Book, Part III
Type data / audio
Lifetime over 30 years (temperature: 5-25 °С, relative humidity: 5-60%)
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Inner Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 1,2 mm
Number of Overwriting Cycles up to 1 000
Track Pitch 1,6 ± 0,1 um
Linear Velocity 2,4 m/s for 2x speed
Substrate polycarbonate
Recording Method phase-change
Reflectivity (Rtop) 0,15-0,25
I11 / Itop 0,55-0,70
I3 / I11 0,45-0,6
Track Eccentricity < 70 um
Tilt < 0,4°
Write Power 8-15 mW (785 nm, NA=0,5)
Read Power < 1 mW
Read Stability over 1 000 000 times
Operation and Storage Temperature -5..50 °С
Operation and Storage Relative Humidity 10-90%
File size
Packing information 90 KB

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