Mousepads with a gel wrist-rest

  • 3 mouse pads different size and shape
  • gel wrist-rest for comfortable work
  • Soldered edges
  • Each pad individually packed with personal bar code
  • Package – colorful printed carton box with hang

The high quality and interesting designs of the Digitex mouse pads range, are gaining great popularity among our customers and end users alike. The mouse pad has a gel filled cushion with an unusual and aesthetically pleasing shape, providing comfort and support for your wrist and arm. All Digitex pads have a large area for working the mouse, produced in blue Lycra with a non-slip, shiny black polyurethane backing, and are tested for protection and reinforcement. The backing ensures a steady adhesion of the mouse pad on desk surfaces, and edges are hermetically soldered to assure durability and protection from flaking.

3 sizes available
Each pad individually packed
Package – colorful printed carton box with display hanger
Pack size 230x200x20 mm
Max pack weight 0,435 kg
20 packs per master carton
File size
Packing information 76 KB

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