CD/DVD Repair Kit

  • 5 pieces in the set
  • restores scratched surfaces CD/DVD discs
  • Possibility to read data after restoring
  • Package – PP blister with hang and colourful inlay paper with information inside

If your favorite CD or DVD has been accidentally scratched so that it ‘jumps’ or won’t play properly, don’t rush to throw it away. It may still be recovered using the Digitex Repair Kit, a product created especially to restore the contents of scratched discs. Digitex CD/DVD Repair kit is an essential accessory for both home and office. Easy to use, this product helps to restore your scratched or damaged discs and let’s you continue to listen to your favourite CD’s all over again. It can also help in repairing scratched data discs.

 Set includes: paste, repair cloth, 3 abrasive paper pads with different grains
 Package – PP blister with display hanger
Size of pack 70x140x15 mm
Weight of pack 0,160 kg
 24 packs per master carton

If you’ve discovered an ugly scratch on your favorite CD or DVD, RELAX, THE SOLUTION IS HERE, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!!! A new repair tool for eliminating damage from scratching is now available - “Digitex Office” CD/DVD Repair Kit – will help bring your favorite discs back to perfect condition and allow you to bring back a pleasurable experience again. The repair and polishing of your disc’s surface is a very simple business!



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