Standard box for Mini CD/DVD (8 cm)

  • Holds one CD/DVD
  • Ideal for storage and protection for your disc
  • Thickness 5 mm
  • 10 piece per pack

Digitex offer a slim plastic storage box for 8 centimeter CD/DVD’s, ideal for safeguarding storage discs. All Digitex boxes are perfect for storage, transportation and protection of discs from scratches, dust, dirt and UV light. Inside each box are special clips to secure an inlay paper for identification of storage discs. Our range of slim boxes, produced in hard plastic, include black, transparent or coloured disc trays, with a transparent cover

Ideal for storage, protection and carrying discs
Protection from UV light
Box thickness 5 mm
Fixing tabs for inlay paper
10 pieces in each pack
Pack size - 95x85x51 mm
Pack weight - 0,176 kg


3 possible colours
black tray, transparent cover
transparent tray, transparent cover
coloured tray (blue, green, yellow, orange, pink), transparent cover
File size
Packing information 55 KB

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