4 markers for CD/DVD

  • 4 colour pack
  • One or two nibs
  • Non smear, does not damage the disc
  • Shelf life if not unpacked – 2,5 years
  • Package – transparent blister with hang

After recording data to your CD or DVD you need a safe way to permanently identify the contents of your Discs. Correct labeling and identification of the contents allows you to organize your discs in wallets or storage files to find the discs you need when you need them. Not all marker pens are suitable for labeling discs, some products, for example a normal felt tip pen, contain solvents that can damage the disc surface. Choosing appropriate markers is critical to the disc life. Digitex CD DVD marker pens have been designed to be ‘disc friendly’ and are safe for use on all discs. Digitex has a wide range of CD/DVD marker pens in a variety of ink colours. The attractive packaging is airtight keeping the marker pens’ moist and extending the shelf life, while maintaining quality and presentation. The set of 4 Digitex markers is the perfect combination for use because the pack includes the 4 main colours - black, blue, green and red, allowing you to label all kinds of discs even those with printed surfaces

 Thickness of markers with 1 nib – 1 mm, with two nibs 0,7 and 1,2 mm
4 colours available: black, blue, green and red
Package – transparent blister with colourful information inlay paper inside
Non smear, non eraser, chemical ‘disc friendly’ composition
Size of pack 93x214x13 mm
Weight of pack 0,041 kg
144 sets into master carton
File size
Packing information 76 KB

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