Lite series

  • 5 sockets
  • Wall fixing holes on back of appliance
  • safety fuse
  • Contact switch
  • Cable-holder
  • Package – transparent poly bag with display hanger

The release of the new Digitex series of Surge Protectors “Lite” is a logical continuation of the established Digitex Surge Protectors range. A professional way to protect PCs’, Peripherals’ and other Sensitive Electronic equipment against power surges, spikes and lightning strikes is as critical to most users as the equipment they buy, Digitex continue to drive quality in this sector strengthening consumer’s faith in the brand. In the new range our starting product is a Surge Protector with a 1.5 meter cable and 5 sockets. The package, in a transparent poly-bag with display hanger, has precise technical and features information included. Customer loyalty to the Digitex brand is assured with this range of products.

Outlets 5
Cable Length 1.5 metres
Rated Voltage: 220+/-20V AC, 50/60 Hz
Max. power consumption 2.2 kW
Rated Current 10 А
Max. Current 1350 А
Max. noise voltage 4500 V
Frequency Range 100 kHz – 100 MHz
Weight 0.45 / 0.5 kg
‘PCT Logo’ Rostest yes
‘CE Logo’ CE Certification No
File size
Packing information 47 KB

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