Standard series

  • 6 sockets
  • Wall fixing holes on back of appliance
  • Safety fuse
  • Contacts switch
  • Cable-holder
  • Phone/Modem/Fax/TV/Video Protection
  • Extra Space for large power adaptor
  • Package – full colour printed box with display hanger and instructions

The Digitex Standard series of Surge Protectors can be used at home or in the office, providing extra peace of mind with the possibility to protect all electronic equipment using only one Surge Protector. The Standard series consists of 3 models offering cable lengths of 1.8, 3 or 5 meters. The colourful box packaging with all technical information and features described, printed on it in multi-language, can be hung on a wall bracket for display. Digitex offer a professional way to protect PC’s, Peripherals’ and other Sensitive Electronic equipment from Power Surges, Spikes and Lightning Strikes, in a practical, inexpensive, and all-in-one system. Digitex Power strips are made from non flammable ABS plastic with only brass contacts inside.

Sockets 6 (with 1 for extra space)
Cable Length 1.8/3/5 metres
Children protection shutters yes
Surge Protection Max Energy 714 Joules
EMI/RFI Noise Filter yes
Protected LED yes
Power OK LED yes
TEL/FAX/Modem Line Protection Yes (RJ11/6P2C, 1-in/1-out)
Rated Current 10 Amps
Rated Voltage 250V AC, 50 Hz
Clamping Voltage 775V
Max. Energy for 3 - Line Surge protection (Live-Neutral, Live-Earth, Neutral-Earth) 714 Joules
Max. Energy for each individual line 238 Joules
Max. Current 19500A
Max Spike Voltage 6KV
Response Time <1 Nanosecond
Coax Cable Line Protection Yes (Aerial Type)
Cord management design No
‘PCT Logo’ Rostest Yes
‘CE Logo’ CE Certification Yes
RoHS Yes
File size
Packing information 49 KB

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