DVD+R Double Layer

Digitex DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs allow you to save more information (up to 4 hours of DVD-quality video, 16 hours of VHS-quality video, or over 120 hours of MP3 audio files) using the highest quality materials. The discs offer good compatibility with a wide range of DVD video players, game consoles, computer DVD-ROM drives as well as DVD burners. These high quality Discs provide a long life for a mix of applications such as home video, photos, computer data storage, or files backup.

DVD+R Double Layer
Capacity 8,5 GB
Velocity 1x-8x; 1x-2.4x
Thickness 1,2 mm
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Center hole diameter 15 mm
Weight 15~22 g
Substrate polycarbonate
Reflective Layer silver
Recording Layer AZO
Laser Wavelength 650 nm
Recording track pitch 0,74 nm
I3 / I14 >0,15
I14 / I14H >0,6
Jitter <10%
PI error <280
Operating temperature and humidity -25—70°С, 3—95%
Storage temperature and humidity -20—50°С, 5—90%
File size
Packing information 99 KB

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