DVD±R Promotional Package

Digitex offer a number of exciting special gifts and promotional packages presenting additional value for computer users. Promotional packages are designed to maximise product appeal, encourage and improve product sales, and provide great benefits for end users. The first variant is Cake 40 with 3 indelible disc markers, there is no need to buy additional markers to identify your discs as they as included already. The second variant is a set of 10 DVD discs, each in an individual envelope, very convenient for transportation and especially useful for passing information to friends and family.

DVD-R/+R once recordable
Capacity 4,7 GB
Velocity 1x-16x
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Center hole diameter 15 mm
Thickness 1,2 mm
Substrate polycarbonate
Reflective Layer silver
Recording Layer AZO
Laser Wavelength 650 nm
Recording track pitch 0,74 nm
I3 / I14 >0,15
I14 / I14H >0,6
Jitter <10%
PI error <280
Operating temperature and humidity -25—70°С, 3—95%
Storage temperature and humidity -20—50°С, 5—90%
File size
Packing information 99 KB

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