Paper envelopes

  • For one CD/DVD
  • Flap which not allow disc fall out
  • 25, 50, 100 pieces in pack
  • Thickness of paper 100 gr/m2
  • Package - transparent blister with hang or shrink-wrapped

You should storage your CD/DVD very careful – to protect them from direct sun rays, from mechanical damage and scratches. Envelopes are a simple way to provide protection for CD and DVD. They take up minimum space and maximize the storage space available. Different colours of envelopes helps to find needed disk easier, and all envelopes are suitable for storage in small filing systems. Envelopes made by coloured and white paper with thickness 100 gr/m2. You can write on the envelope by pen, pencil or marker. Clear window allows to see writing if it’s directly on the disc. Special flap of the envelope not allow disc fall out.

Size of pack, mm
Weight of pack, kg
Colour available
Transparent blister with hang, 25 envelopes 128х170х18 0.090 White, coloured, 5 pieces in pack (yellow, orange, blue, red, green)
Transparent blister with hang, 50 envelopes 128х170х32 0.183 White, coloured, 5 pieces in pack (yellow, orange, blue, red, green
Transparent blister with hang, 100 envelopes 128х170х62 0.400 White
File size
Packing information 82 KB

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