Jump Sport

Digitex “Jump Sport” series have a unique look and feel, the range has been created to give a personal choice to customers guaranteeing high quality and originality in a multipurpose product. Each wallet is made from a variety of materials highly resistant to dirt and water and has additional pockets for accessories. Our “Jumping Dog” logo embossed on the rounded cube design is full of energy and fun, ensuring this product not only looks good but is also comfortable and different. Made from high quality artificial leather, these wallets are available in an array of different colours (green, silver, grey, and dark blue with orange highlights), with a carrying capacity of 20 or 40 DVDs/CDs. Each comes with zip fasteners, a carry handle and shoulder strap. All Digitex wallets contain double sided DVD/CD sleeves to ensure that your discs receive the greatest protection; additional pockets enable small accessories such as pens and pocket-books to be carried in the wallet. Packaging – minimized transparent PP blister with product bar code and other useful information written in several languages.

Disc Capacity
Weight (kg)
Size (mm)
Qty units in master carton
Green, square 20 0.300 150х155х45 36
Silver, square 20 0.300 150х155х45 36
Dark blue/orange, square 20 0.300 150х155х45 36
Grey, square 20 0.300 150х155х45 36
Dark/light grey, square 40 0.300 150х155х65 36
Silver/black, square 40 0.300 150х155х65 36
File size
Packing information 83 KB

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