Antistatic cleaning spray LCD screen

  • For cleaning all types of LCD screens and plasma
  • Protection from static electricity
  • Pack – PP bottle with pump
  • 125 ml

This spray can be used for cleaning of all types of LCD screens (LCD monitors, PDA, notebook screens) and plasma screens. The spray has anti-static and disinfection effect. The compact size of the spray is convenient for both the end users and partners. It will require less space on a shelve, thus allowing partners saving on inventory storage. LCD Screen Cleaner is made in Germany in accordance with very strict european standards.The liquid is LCD screen safe. It is not flammable and alcohol free. This product is packed in a plastic bottle of 125 ml. with pump spray. The label contains a description and instruction in 4 languages (German, English, Russian, Turkish).

Non alcohol based
Non flammable
Pack – PP bottle with pump label with multilanguage information
Pack size 150х42 mm
Pack weight 0.130 kg
12 packs per carton
File size
Packing information 54 KB

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