Antistatic cleaning spray for plastic

  • For cleaning all plastic surfaces
  • Protection from static electricity
  • PP pack with bottle and pump
  • 250 ml

Digitex offers an antistatic cleaning spray for plastic surfaces and equipment (computers, office equipment and household appliances). Sprays can be used in conjunction with dry wipes to provide a clean, dust free environment for your employees or family. Static electricity attracts dust and air born particles, and can be harmful for your home, office and electronic equipment. Using a special anti-static spray to clean and protect your computer, printer, fax machine, copier, desktop, whiteboard, and other electronic equipment, will prolong the life and provide a cleaner environment. For best results, spray the anti-static cleaner directly on a cloth (dry wipe) and then wipe the surface.

Alcohol based
Non flammable
PP pack includes bottle, pump and multi-lingo information label
Pack size 50х190 мм
Pack weight 0. 300 kg
12 packs per carton
File size
Packing information 51 KB

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