Label remover

  • Removes labels from plastic, metal, laminated and other glazed surfaces
  • -Pressurized container
  • Volume - 200 ml
  • Plastic tube with brush included
  • Flammable
  • Not for removing labels from cardboard or paper

Some labels can prove problematic to remove without residue, on most occasions this can be troublesome. The Digitex label remover spray effortlessly removes all kinds of sticky paper labels from visible surfaces. After spraying the label, in 2-5 minutes the adhesive is neutralized and the label can be removed easily. The spray requires some precaution in use, good ventilation, avoid direct contact with skin, and keep away from children or animals.

Pressurized container
 Precaution required in use
Pack – aluminum can, aerosol
Do not expose to direct sunlight or temperatures exceeding 50C
Do not pierce or burn even after use
 Pack size 50х175 mm
 Pack weight 0. 220 kg
12 packs per carton
File size
Packing information 50 KB

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