Universal wet cleaning wipes

  • Convenient storage tube with dispenser
  • Wipes with pepper mint and raspberry aroma
  • Antistatic compound
  • Leaves no smears or stripes
  • 100 wipes in each tube (sachet)
  • Tube refills available

Digitex odour wipes are ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces, from monitors, computer equipment, office equipment, telephones and household appliances. Wipes are supplied in a compact plastic tube in sachets of 100 individual wipes. All tubes are hermetically sealed. Dirt and dust on equipment and surfaces is a potential breeding ground for germs and viruses, regular cleaning reduces the risk of air born microbes and can help diminish allergies promoting a healthier, happier work or home environment. Digitex produces quality anti-static wipes for cleaning surfaces on all types of computer equipment, monitors, office equipment and household appliances, with antibacterial benefits using a mild formula to help kill germs and microbes, control static electricity, and keep electronic surfaces clean.

For cleaning plastic surfaces, glass, computer screens and
Disinfects surfaces and protects from static electricity
Wipes available in: peppermint, raspberry, and non aromatic
Hermetically sealed tube with colourful multi-lingo information label
Pack size 80x170 mm
Pack weight 0.350 kg
12 packs per master carton
File size
Packing information 61 KB

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