Wet cleaning wipes for notebook

  • Comfortable for using pack – oval tube with dispenser
  • Antistatic compose of impregnation
  • No leave dirty stripes
  • 100 wipes in each tube
  • Alcohol free

Digitex produce special wipes for LCD notebook and laptop computers. The products are provided in compact easy to carry dispenser tubes, very convenient for traveling and the wipes are chemically safe for LCD screens. Computers should never be cleaned with traditional alcohol and ammonia-based cleaners as these chemicals can the damage the screen. Digitex notebook cleaning wipes are expressly designed for LCD screens and can also be used for cleaning notebooks and other portable devices. The best results are achieved by wiping in one direction for example from the top of the screen to the bottom. After using wet wipes to remove surface dirt and dust, dry wipes can be used to produce the best finish. Touching or pressing directly on your LCD screen with your fingers can cause pixel burn out

For cleaning LCD notebook and laptops
Disinfects surface and protects from static electricity.
Hermetically sealed compact tube with colourful label and multi-lingo information
Pack size 75x125x36 mm
Pack weight 0.155 kg
12 packs per carton
File size
Packing information 54 KB

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